Monday, April 18, 2011

First Review and Swatches Post!

Wow! I have 7 followers!! So excited!! It makes me a little more motivated now to post more often! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog!
Onto the actual blog post! :] I recently made two purchases at, if you haven’t heard of the site check it out! They have sales daily from everything to clothing, makeup, furniture and even vacations! I am always on the lookout for the cosmetic sales; I find them to have better savings then the others. They actually are going to be having a sale this Wednesday 04.20.2011 for NYX cosmetics! The one bad thing about this is the wait time to actually receive the products. I find it to be longer than any other online service; however with the amount of savings you get I don’t mind waiting!
Onto the reviews and swatches! My purchase from HauteLook was from Rock & Republic Cosmetics and Urban Decay Cosmetics. They were both purchased separately, but I like to take time to actually try the products before reviewing them so I am just going to review them together.
Just a note, while doing this reviews and swatches I realized how badly I need a new camera for close ups! Please bare with me for now :D
1.       Rock & Republic Beauty – Classic Primer – Ava
Price Paid: $8.28
Actual Price: $36.95 - $49.99 (ebay)
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I didn’t swatch this because it is so close to my skin tone you can barely tell it’s there! But I will tell you about it! I haven’t had too much experience with face primers. To be honest this is only my second face primer! The first being, Tarina Tarantino Pearl Primer which I didn’t like all that much. So needless to say I was a little skeptical on purchasing this primer but I decided to try it anyways and I am so happy I did! This primer is so silky smooth when applied, it blends well being tinted and all, and it makes foundation look flawless! However when I received the product the pump didn’t work, so now I have to dig it out of the container! But I love it so much I just don’t care! The regular price is rather expensive, so I don’t know if I would ever purchase it without a sale, but if I can get it again for the price I paid, I would definitely buy more!

2.       Rock & Republic Beauty – Eye Shadow Paranoid and White Heat
Price Paid: $8.40
Actual Price: $26.99 - $28.99 (ebay)
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These eye shadows are so silky and smooth! And very pigmented! I love love love both colors! Paranoid is a very deep purple. White heat is a super pigmented shimmery white, great as a highlight color or a lid color! They do work better with a base rather than without a base however!! Actual price is again expensive so I don’t think I would buy at regular price.

Onto Urban Decay!

1.       Urban Decay – Powder Blush – Quickie and Score
Price Paid: $5.00
Actual Price: $17.00 (Urban Decay)
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These blushes are exactly what I expected them to be! Very pigmented and super pretty colors! They have a slight shimmer to them, but it gives a great payoff. Score is a bit of a peachy/corral-y type color. Quickie is more of a true pink. I would buy Score at full price, but probably not Quickie as it is a little too pink for my everyday taste, but it is a great addition to my makeup collection.
2.       Urban Decay – Eye Shadow – Jones and Gash
Price Paid: $5.00
Actual Price: $17.00 (Urban Decay)
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Urban Decay never lets down on their eyeshadows! These are two very pigments and gorgeous colors! They happen to go wonderfully together as well! They work better with a base of course! Would definitely buy both at full price, but the sale price is so much better! ;]
3.       Urban Decay – Ink For Eyes – Pyrotechnics
Price Paid: $6.50
Actual Price: $22.00 (Urban Decay)
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They market this as a gel liner; however I don’t think it can really be used as one. It is a glitter liner basically. I haven’t tried any other colors, so this is my review on this one only. It comes in this really neat package, but it’s virtually unusable. The product is very hard, and the brush it comes with doesn’t work well with it. I see this more as being a base, or used on its own, or just for some extra glitter! Unfortunately the pictures don’t give justice to how beautiful it actually is. I don’t think I would really ever buy this again and I don’t think I will reach for it much either.

****That’s it!! I hope you all enjoyed my first review!! I would just like to mention that all products were purchased with my own money and I am in no way affiliated with any companies mentioned. I give a completely honest opinion!****

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