Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I Have Been So Bad!!!

Here we are, 2 months after I started this blog and I have yet to update it! I have been so bad at updating or even taking pictures of my looks. I'm going to try my hardest to get back into the groove of things!
A few things have changed in the past two months and I don’t know where to start!
First of all I am now a RED head! Can you believe it? I was so nervous since I have never had any other color besides my usual black/dark brown and blonde (it was a high school thing!). Needless to say I took the plunge and went for it! I didn’t want a burgundy dark red, I wanted something bright and different. This is how it turned out!

I really really love it! It took a while to get used to, but in the end it was worth it!
Something else that I started is weight watchers!! I started about the same time I changed my hair color, and since then I have lost 25 lbs! Seeing straight up results so fast was so motivating!! I hope to lose about 75 more!! Wish me luck! Once I get back into the swing of updating this blog I will try to post my progress and what I find helpful for me. Hopefully I can be a motivation for someone!
Okay, I don’t want to make this post to long now! Here is a look I recently did and entered into the Makeup Geek challenge. It was based on flowers, so this is what I came up with.
This was my inspiration:

Here is my look, the first picture is with the flash and no editing. The second are enhanced to show the colors. Hope you like it!

Thanks for checking out my blog! <3


  1. what a great blog! if you get the chance could you check out mine and tell me what you think? i would LOVE your opinions!
    ps: i LOVE your hair! :)

  2. Thank you :) I subbed to your blog!

  3. I just subbed, I LOVE your hair! I would die to have that beautiful red. I just keep with platinum blonde, I changed my hair so much last yr hehe.

  4. Thank you!! I must tell you, the red fades incredibly fast!! I touch it up almost every other week. But i love it, so i wouldnt change it! :] Thank you for subbing. I returned the favor!

  5. i love your hair, it's so cute! i subbed your blog :] thx for subbing mine xoxo

  6. That's an AMAAAAZING color on you! I absolutely love it!


  7. i love your red hair i was think geting my hair red